Why Children Need Music

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”

This quote from master music educator and composer, Cheryl Lavender, encompasses the power of music, not just for children but for every stage of human development. You only need to see children immediately moving and dancing when they hear music to begin to understand its influence.

Babyhood and childhood is all about learning and music has much to teach them:

  • It develops listening a skill vital to lifelong learning
  • Can be a calming instrument
  • Teaches patterns, rhythm, vocabulary
  • It evokes movement and is good for exercise
  • It stimulates the brain and opens neural pathways which can help develop memory
  • It is creative and as such engages the emotions, allowing children to express themselves
  • Culturally it is an important way to pass songs, rhymes and dances down the generations
  • Group music can be a powerful bonding experience

In all, singing and dancing with your child enables you to interact and transmit love and life.

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Music is an essential component in all programs at Angel’s Paradise.