What makes a Great Child Carer?

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Any list of qualities of a child carer would risk ending up a dream as parents often hope for someone more concerned about their child than they are themselves. Educationalists and accreditors look for certain traits or qualities. So such a dream list of qualities might include a person who:

  • Is professional about their work
  • Is adequately trained and qualified in different needs of children
  • Genuinely loves children and is responsive; knows when to rock, hug a young child
  • Seeks eye contact with children and parents.
  • Knows the children under their care and any special needs they may have.
  • Seeks to communicate with parents about their child’s day
  • Is competent in an emergency
  • Is punctual and organised
  • Has plenty of energy to keep up with the children in his/her care
  • Fosters good relationships with the children
  • Has a wide acceptance of different cultures and parenting styles
  • Respects individuality
  • Has fun with the children
  • Sets appropriate boundaries
  • Is friendly
  • Has good judgement and decision-making
  • Knows how to minimise stress
  • Can manage distress in children
  • Can direct and assist in a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.
  • Creative and joins in children’s games as needed.

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, our staff is highly qualified and trained. Our centre is proud of its focus on the health and wellbeing of your child.