Welcome! Schools Helping Children Settle In

Many schools help children during their transition to school. They arrange programs which may include:

  • visits to the school over several weeks
  • walks around the school to see where things are, eg. playgrounds, toilets
  • spending time in a classroom with teachers and other children.

These programs are different from school orientation programs.

Transition to School programs are often offered by schools and involve activities for the children as well as parent information sessions, workshops or ‘getting to know you’ opportunities. These programs works well when children and parents participate in short sessions together. Each school operates within its own local context, so transition programs will vary from school to school.

Generally, such programs should include:

  • establishing positive relationships between the children, parents and educators thus effectively supporting the child and building trust so the child feels safe;
  • facilitating each child’s development as a capable learner;
  • outlining school routines;
  • identifying when a child is adequately prepared and suggesting areas requiring more skilling
  • flexibility
  • interesting and stimulating sessions
  • taking into account contextual aspects of community, and of individual families and children within that community.

(Adapted from Transitions to School: Perceptions, Expectations and Experiences by Sue Dockett and Bob Perry)

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, we support your child as s/he transitions to school by providing information on what to look for and readying your child for change.