Ways to Say Thank You on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to thank Mum for a job well done. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift from the kids that will show how much you care, here are some ideas that will bring a smile to Mum’s face.


1. Mother’s Day Card

A great way to show Mum how much you care is by making her your very own Mother’s Day card. You can even include a little poem to make her smile extra big.


2. Coupons

Create a coupon booklet for Mum that she can cash in at any time. These coupons can include things like “one free hug” and “breakfast bed”. Whatever else fun you can think of.


3. Breakfast in Bed

Let Mum start her day with a yummy breakfast in bed. Something fun, delicious and easy to make is Pancakes and maple syrup. Yum!


4. Homemade Photo Frames

Pick some of yours and Mum’s favourite photos and make some photo frames to display them around the house. They can be made with popsicle sticks, cardboard, or anything else fun you can find.


5. Paper Flowers

Using skewers and some tissue paper, you can make Mum and colourful bunch of paper flowers that she can keep all year round and brighten up her day.


At Angel’s Paradise Early Childhood Learning Centres, we encourage creativity and showing appreciation to our loved ones.