Toilet Training – Who Trains Whom?

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Like so much about parenting, it is the skilling of the adults which is as important as teaching the children. Toddlers are learning new things constantly and experience big changes in their lives as they grow and change. One hot topic of this developmental stage is toilet training.

The skilling of the parent comes in learning to observe, know and understand their child. Toilet training can begin when the child is ready – not when the parent needs it. Also, be prepared. When you think the child is ready, have clothes that they can easily pull up and down; and determine if you want to use a potty or the toilet and if the toilet, a step might be helpful.

Some helpful hints:

  • Begin with underpants in the daytime, except for naptime.
  • Offer gentle reminders about needing the toilet, but be aware of nagging.
  • Sitting the child on the toilet for extended periods may look to the child like a punishment.
  • Praise success and take failure easy. It takes different children different times to coordinate the complex learning of this process.
  • Always teach your child to wash their hands after being to the toilet.
  • As with all parenting, the less stress you can bring to this important development in your child’s growth, the better.

Our qualified staff at Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre are well-trained in helping toddlers who are being toilet trained.

Note: There is a ‘fast’ method offered by behavioural psychologist Nathan Azrin and is outlined in his book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day.