Tips To Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

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A healthy imagination is fundamental to our development as humans and underpins many areas of work. It is associated with creativity and can enable people to see things in new ways and offer solutions to problems which others might miss. Imagination seems to be part of a child’s life and can easily be encouraged to flourish.


Storytelling: look for those moments when you and your child can share a story. Some of the best stories many children love at bedtime are the ones when you recount in story form some events of their day and encourage them to help with the story. Of course books are important here too. Encourage your child to talk to you – about anything. Listen carefully as they have interesting perspectives on life.


Have art experiences available: Simple play doh; using natural objects such as leaves and sticks; painting (avoid trying to interpret the art; rather invite their interpretation) are open-ended activities which tap into the imagination. Origami is a good activity here too.


Dress up box: a costume enables even reserved children to adopt a persona in a game. Sometimes be your child’s play partner: ask to play with your child and allow him/her to set the games rules.


What is in your kitchen: You may be able to have a drawer which your child can access with some pots, utensils etc. Your young child will have fun playing with these ordinary things.


Limit Screen Time: Too much TV or video games may not stimulate your child’s own imagination but instead lay the foundations of consumerism.


Some interesting activities to stimulate imagination are listed here:

For more reading and ideas:


At Angel’s Paradise imagination is developed through our educational program, interactions and play.