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Tips To Foster Your Child’s Artistic Creativity

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Art activities do more than just develop your child’s creativity; they also help your child to develop mentally, socially and emotionally.  Some people are reluctant to provide paint, play doh and glue and paper because the result can be messy, but it is well worth it! Setting up in a shady, outside area or a carport might be one way around your housekeeping concerns.

When children are engaged in an art or creative activity such as origami or cutting and gluing, some ways to assist include:

  • Have a collection of art equipment, natural objects eg stones, leaves, etc and boxes accessible.
  • Allow them to experiment mixing colours – avoid directing them.
  • Sometimes children may prefer to create without supervision. Look out for this.
  • Avoid asking them what they are painting, drawing, making. Rather invite them to tell you about what they have done or ask if they enjoyed doing it.
  • Accept their piece as complete if they are happy. Avoid suggesting additions or changes.
  • Celebrate their artwork. Perhaps it can go on the fridge for a time where it can be admired.
  • Take your child to a museum and/or art gallery. Short visits to a particular area may be better for younger children.
  • Comment on different shapes and colours you see in your home and environment.
  • Play some drawing games.
  • Occasionally at the library get a child friendly book about art and look at it with your child.

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At Angel’s Paradise, art and creative play are integral elements in our daily program.