Tips for Raising a Toddler

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Many parents share their experiences of ‘the terrible twos’ at length with friends and family. It is a wonderfully challenging stage of parenting which can offer parents many opportunities to determine how they want to interact and communicate with their child in particular and with people in general and learn about themselves into the bargain.

Some tips to consider are:

  • Stay close and connected to them. Even if they are at day care, be involved and know what they are doing.
  • Instead of “No!” try to say “Yes!” more. Anticipate what they might want and try to make it a positive. If there are places they can’t touch, have a shelf or a drawer that they can have their things in the communal space. Look for ways to make what they ask for happen and in many cases they will move on. Say no and it engages you in power struggle and toddlers have a lot of energy for that.
  • Be clear and consistent in what you expect. It’s better to have a few things first rather than adapt as you go along.
  • Anticipate things which will affect your child and when you can, prepare your child simply and confidently.
  • Avoid experiences which your child may not be ready for. For example, Grandma may like a Christmas photo with Santa, but your child may not be ready to sit on some stranger’s knee, especially if they are naturally cautious.
  • Know what activities may help your child calm down if you see that s/he is gathering in intensity. Bathtime can be very relaxing for some children, or drawing or painting for others.
  • Always look for things to give positive reinforcement for. Remember, if a child lives with criticism, they learn to condemn.
  • Build in time for fun and play into a toddler’s day. A day shopping may not be something which they find interesting.
  • Be a positive person yourself and live out the values which are important to you.
  • Remember the spiritual side of your toddler
  • Learn more about this incredible stage of life so you are better equipped.

At Angel’s Paradise, we focus on the individual development of our children, as well as provide opportunities for the children to interact in a safe, stimulating environment.