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Tips For Car Trips With Children

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For many of us, holiday time involves some car travel. Long trips especially can be hard for children and they can only watch so many videos or play on their devices for so long. There are also the children who are not good travellers and need to be considered. The following may work for you:

  • Keep snacks, water, toys or books, etc, you have brought within easy reach.
  • Make most of your snacks healthy as too much sugar may backfire on your trip.
  • You may wish to prepare a surprise travel pack for each child with such things as a game, toy, magazine, iPod, headphones, etc.
  • Have a stack of pipe cleaners, for example, and challenge the children to make an animal or other shape out of them.Image of pipe cleaners of pink, yellow, green, red & dark blue
  • Plan for regular stops for toilet and exercise.
  • Wet wipes are handbag essentials.
  • Download some travel games beforehand. Sites with many suggestions are:

Regarding motion sickness, if your child is complaining of headaches or sickness in the tummy, chances are they are experiencing motion sickness. Keep these things in mind:

  • Before travelling avoid greasy, heavy foods.
  • Respond calmly as anxiety can make it worse.
  • Encourage them to look outside the car, preferably at things on the horizon.
  • Discourage reading, or activities which have their head down.
  • Closing eyes and resting with a pillow or headrest might help. If the child can sleep, even better.
  • Ensure you have some vomit bags handy if your child is a known sufferer.
  • Chronic motion sickness sufferers may seek medical advice.