Thinking of You Week 18 – 25 June 2018

“National Thinking of You Week” was established by John Sands to harness the power of handwritten greeting cards when received by another person. It is said that, scientifically, it’s been proven that receiving a hand written card provides us with a bit of a boost, making the receiver feel happier and more loved.

To celebrate this event, and put a creative spin on it, let us provide you with a few links to different places that not only let you send that card, but help you help the child in your life MAKE that card. Handwritten in one thing, homemade and from the heart is so very extra special.

10 Simple Options from “Mom Junction”

40 Options from TinkerLab (you may need to sign up for this one, but there’s loads of free crafty ideas!)

5 Cute and Easy Greeting Cards by Srushti Patil (video tutorial)

Water Coloured Butterflies by Catchy Design (video tutorial)

20 Card Making Ideas for Kids

Greeting Cards Kids Can Make

50 Greeting Card Ideas for Toddlers (this one looks like HEAPS of fun)

Balloon Elephant Cards

Butterfly Handprint Cards

Making Cards from your Toddler’s Art


Another suggestion, and this is probably the best one if you don’t mind your toddler getting a bit atrsy craftsy messy, give them paper, or cardstock, given them paint, textas, crayons, pencils, anything to be creative with. If you can then fold it in half and turn it into a card, do that. Send it to Nana or Pop, or maybe Aunty or Uncle; anyone you want to put a smile on the face of. You have all week to pamper your loved ones!

We hope you enjoy “National Thinking of You Week 2018!”


At Angel’s Paradise we believe in making those special people in our lives feel special, we do this by encouraging love and inclusion.