Surviving the School Holidays

The end of the school year for 2020 is now approaching. We have you covered with some information on hope to deal with the school holiday blues; for both primary care givers as well as children. We will also talk about some fun activities to keep your little ones entertained during this six week break.

Without attempting to lecture, here are some tips and tricks on how to keep the upset and misunderstandings to a minimum


Listen: if your child comes to you with a concern, sit with them and actively listen to what they are trying to tell you; for example they may have reservations about a planned activity. If this is the case, ask them for their opinions or to suggest alternatives that they may be more comfortable with.

Reconsider mandatory involvement: age old family traditions that we have always participated don’t necessarily NEED to be participated in. Shy children may have reservations about being involved in activities which push their boundaries too far; and that is totally okay. Forcing your child to begrudgingly participating in these activities really isn’t worth either of you being upset throughout the entire holidays.

Have/show empathy for your kids: school holidays can be seriously STRESSFUL for parents, however it’s also a stressful time for children, especially those who experience depression or anxiety. Kids may miss their routines, structure, and school friends. They may feel overwhelmed by family events if they’re shy, or get stressed out having to spend time with a more dominant sibling. By showing empathy rather than sympathy, you’re letting your child know that you are understanding of their plight, without making them potentially feel weak for sharing their concerns with you.

Let them get involved: if they want to be involved or help with an activity, such as baking, or decorating the tree; let them be actively involved. Additionally, rather than “having to do it all myself” you can offer them the change to get involved and be in charge of little events. This will help build their self esteem and show them that there are different ways of working together to achieve an end result. Things don’t always need to be perfect.

Have timeouts for everyone: Give yourself, and your children, some designated down-time. Set up some rules about needing privacy and space, or delegate a “quiet” area during family gather togethers so that there is a quiet place to escape to.


At Angel’s Paradise we believe in teaching others to show their consideration to family and friends.