Studying and Parenting Part 3: How to Include Children into your Study Life

Your decision to study is a great opportunity for your children and for your relationship with them.

Below are some things to consider.

  • If your children are old enough, it is a good time to explain why you are studying and how this may affect day to day life in your home. Emphasise the positives in these changes so that the children are encouraged to be a part of your ‘support team’.
  • Begin to involve the children in household duties that are appropriate to their age. It might be good to identify areas they are interested in and encourage responsibility for that. For example, some children like to set the table for a meal, others like sweeping.
  • Encourage the children to engage in some quiet activity while you do some studying. If they are school age, do some study while they are doing their homework. Set parameters to this quiet time and then spend some time doing something together – a walk, a game.
  • Model for older children some good study practices
  • Include the children in conversations occasionally about your study. They will often be interested because you are.
  • Having some time with each child by themselves is very beneficial for the child and for your too as it allows you to keep up with their day to day events and concerns.
  • When they do complain that you are always studying, remind them that this is only a short-time effort for a long-time gain.
  • When semester is over, have down time together.
  • Laugh often. It is a great stress reliever as well as putting positive energy into a situation.
  • Reassure your children that they are valued and that you have all under good management.
  • Establish a set routine for bed time to allow some time for the children with you and then time for you to settle into some study.

Angel’s Paradise has a well-structured program and is proud of the opportunities they provide for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to learn and grow to independence.