Ready to Write?

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Writing is a complex activity involving many aspects. It takes years and much effort to become proficient. So, be patient with your child’s efforts, offering encouragement and constructive help.

Here are some suggestions to develop a love of writing in your child.

  • The basis of good writing is good talk. Share experiences with your child and talk about events or experiences they have had and encourage them to describe their feels, what happened and so on.
  • As your child’s first educator you are both model and teacher. Let your child see you write, even if it’s only lists. If your child has a well-loved story, get him/her to retell it in their own words and write it down. At bedtime you can read it back. A child begins to see the link between speaking, reading and writing.
  • If possible, provide a quiet space for drawing and ‘writing’ for your toddler and preschooler. You may wish to write the child’s name in large letters and encourage them to trace the letters with their finger. Provide a variety of paper textures and writing tools.
  • Give a gift associated with writing – a pad, fat-sized pencils for beginners, a desk lamp, envelopes (and perhaps even some stamps) and an eraser are some suggestions.
  • If they do write, ask them to read it back to you and offer praise and encouragement.
  • If you get a letter, share it with your child, saying who and where it came from and what the contents are.
  • With your child, label some items in a room or the house. Pick out letters that appear in more than one word, or as the child gets more proficient, as the child to look for an “o” for example.
  • Above all, have fun writing with your child.

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, we provide various opportunities for children to use writing tools and as they are interested, to write their name.