Multimedia and Preschoolers Part 2: Getting Eggs-ited about Reading

Reading is a very important skill to teach your child and it starts from when you first speak to your child. Once learned, your child can teach him/herself many things and be a lifelong learner. The first step is the vocabulary you use and how you speak to your child. As much as possible, use the same language to your child as you would to anyone else. Baby talk won’t help their language development. Don’t use simple words from fear your child will not understand; rather, be prepared to explain when they ask what a word means.

One multimedia program which teaches and promotes reading is Reading Eggs. This program provides children with games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.

The website site also has a section called Reading Eggspress which, as well as providing books to read, is designed to  improve spelling skills and building reading comprehension for children aged 7 to 13. This section contains many interactive reading activities and literacy games as well.

The other main section of this website is Mathseeds.  Designed for children aged 3 to about 8 it teaches children core maths and problem-solving skills in a creative, fun way.

The website has a section for Parents and offers a trial period.

Such multimedia programs offer children much more than learning to read or do maths. By learning with this method, children also become familiar with computers and keyboards.

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Childcare Centres technology is incorporated into our educational program, providing the children with a wide variety of learning options. We subscribe to Reading Eggs for our pre-school children and provide parents with the login to use at home.