It’s May, that means it’s Mother’s Day!

Sunday the 13th May is Mother’s Day this year. That can only mean one thing; helping your young child spoil the mummy or grandma in their lives!

One thought would be to, instead of presenting a bunch of flowers, help your little one pot a small plant in a beautiful portable setting for mum to watch grow and bloom; just as she watches her child grow and bloom every day.


Visit a gardening shop or nursery for a simple flower plant, or perhaps a small cactus that isn’t too prickly to touch, also buy a small bag of potting mix, and gloves for both you and your kid/s to use later on 


When you get home, place on a plastic plate or saucer, with a small amount of water to keep the roots damp


Start with a selecting a pot, terracotta works well and is easy to paint. Make sure you get one that is size appropriate for the plant


Mark out the design to be painted by your child, something bright, cheerful, and easy that they won’t get bored easily by doing. Maybe daisies, or a big sun and rainbow


Allow them to pain the design on, then sit to dry over night


Once dried, 1/2 to 3/4 fill the pot with the potting mix – Be sure to have gloves on, and don’t put any in your mouth (yuck!)


Dig a small hole into the middle of the potting mix, this is where we will be planting the flower


With the plant you bought earlier, gently squeeze the plastic flowerpot  to loosen the plant, and remove it from the original pot


Spread the roots softly with your fingers to break them up a little, then place it into the hollow and gently cover in with more potting mix until the roots are covered, as shown


Your flower is now potted! You’ve helped your little gardener make a wonderful gift for their wonderful mum, or grandma.


If there’s more than one person you’d like to surprise with a handmade gift, just repeat the process. Make sure you give your child the support and autonomy they need to carry out this task. Helping them when they need or ask is very important as well, that way they know you’re on their side.


At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Childcare Centres, we believe that working with our hands and being creative is an important live lesson for all children.