What Makes A Successful Person

posted in: Self Imporvement

There is much talk today about a universal skill set which is important to develop to be a successful person. This set of skills is not directed to work but to developing the whole person. The set assumes the basic skills such as reading and writing and some computer knowledge etc. If you like the idea of them, it would be easy to at least introduce your child to them and work on them as a family.

Many of these a common sense but it is good to see them in a list. There is some debate about what should be included in the skill set but the general ones are:

1.    Being able to manage and to prioritise your time

This is about learning to focus and separate what is important from what is not. It is especially important in our busy society with many distractions.

2.    Having an organised, clean space

Our exterior spaces do have an influence on our interior selves. If the spaces we live in are clean and organised, the chances are that our thinking will reflect that. If we can find what we need easily, it saves time and helps us focus.

3.    Ability to think critically and analyse information

In the Information Age in which we live, it is essential to be able to sift what is important and what is not; and to relate different pieces of information to one another.

4.    Making informed decisions

This is about being able to respond well to situations with the information you have. Part of this is also know how to find information you may need to make important decisions.

5.    Having at least a basic understanding of money and budgeting

This is an important skill to help you survive in our society.

6.    Being able to communicate and negotiate effectively

Avoid reading other people’s minds and expecting them to read yours. Most problems begin with poor communication. Speak honestly and give others a voice. Communication includes good written expression.

7.    Being able to relax

Increasingly stress is identified as a significant factor in health and social issues. Slow down. Breath. Give yourself permission to take a short break. Relaxation can help us reflect on our work or lives. A good sense of humour is part of relaxation.

8.    Relationship networking

Having a good network can help the flow of ideas and information and provide some support when needed. Being a team player is important in many life situations.

9.    Be positive

Attitude is vital! We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are. People who are optimistic see the world as providing many opportunities. As the saying goes: fake it till you make it: Even when you don’t feel positive, don’t act out of your emotions.

10.  Self-discipline

This is a skill and is the ability to focus and overcome distractions. It involves acting from your thoughts not your feelings and can require sacrifice.


At Angel’s Paradise, we seek to develop these skills in our everyday planning and programs.