Low Fat Dessert Idea

posted in: Nutrition

Most children like dessert but many bought in the stores can contain more sweeteners than you might like. This simple dessert can be adapted as many ways as your imagination will allow. It is quick, easy with few ingredients. Leftovers can be lunchbox fillers the next day.

You may even like to try some savoury fillers and see how the children like them.

You need for dessert:

·         Puff Pastry (below are two online recipes or you may prefer to buy frozen)

·         Fresh fruit ( you could try tinned) Apple, berries, peach etc

·         Icing sugar

·         cinnamon




1.    Heat oven to a hot 200 degrees

2.    Wash and slice fruit thinly

3.    Prepare pastry. Roll out to a square35-40cms

4.    Cut square into 4 equal parts

5.    Place fruit on each square leaving a border of a few centimetres all around

6.    Place in oven for about 6 minutes

7.    Take out and sprinkle lightly with icing sugar and cinnamon.

8.    Enjoy.