Living and Eating Well with Allergies

Allergies are a commonly-discussed topic today. The most common allergies today are food, eczema and hay fever. Allergy symptoms can be very mild to impacting on your child’s and your life in a big way. Allergies occur when a person’s immune system reacts to common things which are usually harmless. The substances are called ‘allergens’ and can occur everywhere.

It can be difficult to determine the cause of your child’s allergic reaction and sometimes a doctor may have to do tests to find a solution or a management regime. Allergies affect the sufferer not just physically but emotionally as well. Sometimes the simplest activity can become complicated for an allergy-sufferer from eating to visiting someone’s house. Children can get angry or frustrated about being denied some food they see their friends eating. Parents too can feel worried about their child fitting in or guilty about withholding foods from their child.

The good news is that often children will outgrow many childhood allergies, although some seem to recur later in adulthood.

This article is not about specific allergies or to offer medical advice. Instead, it has some general tips to minimize common allergic reactions.

  1. Keep your house as dust-free as possible
  2. Reassess whether your family can live with pets. At least, don’t have them in the bedrooms.
  3. If your child is invited to play at someone’s house, clearly communicate your child’s need and leave any medication etc if necessary, as well as contact detail for you.
  4. Alternatively if you invite your child’s friend over, it’s always good to inquire if they suffer from any allergies of have any particular dietary needs. Most families of food allergy sufferers are very used to supplying their own snacks for their child.

Staff at Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre are qualified and trained to accommodate children with allergies and will work with the parent to manage the child’s needs.