I’m off to School – Tips to Prepare your Child

Yet another big life change is looming as your child prepares to transition to School. Very few of us welcome change and can be hesitant around new things and people we don’t know. Your main task is to develop in your child a love of learning so this next move will be a happy and positive one.

It’s wise to begin preparing your child months before for this big event. Some things which might help are:

  1. As you drive around, point out various schools and if you drive by the school you are going to often, point it out sometimes.
  2. Talk about school with your child if you are having a relaxed time together – sometime the car can be a good place. Ask your child what their expectations are or what they think about school and learning. Listen for any reservations or concerns and overtime try to address them. Reassure your child you will be right with them, supporting them.
  3. Although it is probably happening, encourage your child more and more to dress themselves, unwrap lunch, open drink bottles, go to the toilet, wash hands and so on.
  4. Invite your child to go shopping with you for a school bag and school items. Involve them in choosing these things.
  5. Find a good book about first day at school.
  6. Practise skills they will need to use: cutting, holding a pencil, colouring. Is your child confident about going to the toilet?
  7. As the time nears point out the school they will be attending again and talk about how they will get there. If walking, walk the route; if busing, do the bus ride together.
  8. Take your child to the school when you enrol him/her. Be as calm and relaxed as you can be.
  9. There may be friends who will be going to the same school. If so perhaps you can arrange to meet them outside the school on the first day and go in together. Otherwise, create opportunities for your child to socialise with others outside the family.
  10. On the day, take your child to their classroom and show him/her where you will meet them when school is over.

The website below has good information on how to help this process. http://www.transitiontoschoolresource.org.au/tts-content/activities-to-help-prepare-your-child-for-school

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, we help prepare your child for school through role plays, discussing what will happen and reading stories. Our program and routines assist in this process.