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Knock, Knock – Who’s There? Humour & Your Child

A sense of humour can create a sense of well-being in the family. As the old adage says: Laughter is the best medicine! Laughter is a great way of connecting with your child and is great for their intellectual and social development. A sense of humour is something that can be developed in a child/person and can help them see things from many angles; learn new ways of thinking; be spontaneous; experience the joy of playfulness; not to take themselves too seriously. Once children understand a concept, they seem to take great joy in playing with it.

Babies don’t seem to understand humour but they know when you are happy and they respond to it. Children of different ages appreciate different types of humour and they will always enjoy your sense of playfulness.

  • How can you encourage your child’s sense of humour?
  • Model humour: Tell jokes; laugh; take little crises lightly; sing funny songs; have some funny family rituals.
  • Encourage your child when they attempt humour (even if the joke isn’t funny!).
  • Make humour a conscious part of your day: Read a funny book; talk about something funny you and your child did; watch a funny TV show or movie together; hide a toy in an unexpected place; pretend you don’t see them in a room.
  • Help your child as they grow to understand that mean-spirited or off-colour jokes are not the best forms of humour.

Humour at various age levels:

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Some jokes to try on your school-age children:

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At Angel’s Paradise, we seek to have a happy, positive environment which stimulates the development of humour.