How to Navigate the Toddler Years – and Survive!

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Many books have been written, and fortunes made, about ‘toddler taming’ so there is no one right way forward to assist a child in their transition to independence. If you find the see-sawing emotions and behaviours of your toddler difficult to deal with, take a moment to look at life from their side. So much is new and change is happening in so many ways each day to your toddler, it is no wonder their response to situations can often take us by surprise.

It can seem like overnight your ‘baby’ now wants to feed him/herself; pour water into a cup; choose their own clothes to wear (even if the colours don’t match); and help with the household chores – or not! One day they want to do everything by themselves, the next they want you to do it. The ground is always shifting. How do I survive?

The three P’s – patience, patience and more patience. Keep the end in sight – a happy, independent and confident child. Our children can teach us so much about life and ourselves if we are willing to be learners too. What they need us to be are responsible, happy, independent and confident parents. Offer them ways to be involved and be prepared for mistakes! .

A helpful website among many is . Books about being a toddler to read to your child can also give them the vocabulary to say what is going on for them at times.

Most of all, enjoy your child. These years will pass quickly and you will wonder where they have gone. If you allow yourself, you will learn more from them than they can teach you.

Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre¬†focuses on focuses on problem- solving, decision-making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communications. These are key elements which contribute to the child’s development, self-esteem and confidence.