How to make Reading an Important part of your Preschooler’s Life

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In our technological age, it can be easy to overlook the benefits and sheer pleasure of reading a book. It’s important for your child to be a good reader as they are then able to educate themselves over their lifetime. As adults we read for many reasons – information, leisure, work and so on. It’s important that your child sees their parents/caregivers engaging in a reading activity regularly and become to accept it as a normal part of life.

Simple pre-reading and reading activities.

  1. As you drive around, point out major road signs or street or place names you often visit. Talk about the letters in their name and point out one of their letters in a sign.
  2. Use a wide variety of words with your child, minimizing slang.
  3. Teach them the ABC song
  4. Write their name on paper, invite them to colour around it or add stickers, and put it on their door.
  5. Read them a book during the day and at night time. Often at night time they may request the same book many times. Go with it and then as you have time together, tell them a story based on their favourite and include their name in it. Reading a story at bedtime can help your child to settle and provide a special time with them.
  6. Teach your children to value books. Instead of a food treat for an important occasion, give them a book; include a book in their birthday presents.
  7. Take them to the library and borrow books for them.
  8. If there is a book they really love, get them to ‘read’ it to you as they look at each page.
  9. Make a family time for everyone person to read.

Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre provides variety in books and many different reading activities. Our trained staff will choose age-appropriate books and books relating to the season or community events.