How to Introduce Solids into your Baby’s Diet in 3 Easy Steps.

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Babies are great people-watchers and usually are interested in what those around them are putting into their mouths. Usually by around 6 months, babies are ready for this change in their diet which happens about the same time as they need more fuel for their growth and development.

Step 1: Start Simple
If you eat porridge, or mashed potatoes or pumpkin, offer your baby a taste. Any soft food would do but perhaps at first, not too spicy. Fresh, home cooked food is ideal but there are some good prepared foods in our supermarkets. Offering a taste lets you see which types of food are attractive to your baby. They may be more open to trying if they have already had their breastfeed or formula and now are concentrating on watching you.

Step 2: Relax and Enjoy
Eating with children of any age is more pleasurable if everyone is happy and relaxed. Some cultures take time over their main meal of the day. There is time for slow conversation and waiting in between courses, which helps digestion. If you can begin your meals as relaxed as you can, it is patterning your baby to see food and eating as a good experience.

Step 3: Offer Variety
While it is advisable to introduce foods slowly to test for any possible reactions to some foods, this is also a good time to offer a variety of food textures, flavours and colours to your baby.
Remember all food is new to your baby so it is not necessary to offer special foods. Again, fresh, home-cooked vegetables or other food is great but supermarkets also provide some quality food with a variety of flavours.

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