How to Evaluate a Suitable Child Care Centre

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An excellent child care system is important to foster the development of children and enable parents to balance work and family life. It is not necessarily the shiniest equipment or the newest building which indicates a good child care centre. You and your child will be the best judge of what is suitable for you. The best way to judge is to go along with your child and spend some time there.

Researchers and accreditors have determined that quality in child care is comprised of seven components:

  • Relationships – between staff and children and among staff. The ability of staff to develop relationships and thus secure attachments with children is perhaps the most important indicator of quality child care. The importance a child care centre attaches to this can be reflected in their staff to child ratio.
  • The partnerships apparent between the centre and the families.
  • Good programs with regular evaluation.
  • The quality of children’s experiences and learning. It’s important that the care of children be ‘personalised’ rather than they be seen as a product to be standardised.
  • Standard of protective care and safety.
  • Level of health, nutrition and well-being among children and staff.
  • The competence and quality in managing to support.

Quality of care is not about where it is offered but how it is offered. In short, it needs to be caring, tuned in, respectful and safe and secure.

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, we pride ourselves on our safe, supportive, nurturing, stimulating and fun environment. Parents are invited any time and always made welcome.