How to Deal with an Anxious Child

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When is a worry not a worry? Never, in a child’s mind. They cannot always understand their own anxieties and it’s up to us as parents to model the ways we deal with our worries, stresses, concerns or anxieties. Most children are anxious some of the time and it’s always painful to watch a child suffer from anxiety, but it’s especially difficult if you’re not sure whether she’s worrying too much and might need help. This article only looks a ‘normal’ anxiety.

We can’t eliminate a child’s anxiety or fear, but help them manage it. Name their fear/anxiety, don’t dismiss or ignore it.

Talk to your child about courage, read stories about children who are facing an anxious situation and if appropriate, tell them of a time you were anxious and how you got through it. A helpful list of books on this topic can be found by clicking here.

Reassure your child that you are with them and you will face the anxious situation together. Avoid projecting your own fears on them, but instead, speak calmly and confidently. You can’t promise your child an anxiety-free life but you can express confidence that s/he will be okay, will be able to manage it, and that, as fears are faced, the anxiety level will drop over time.

When the anxious time has passed, and the child is calm positively reinforce what a good job s/he did in manage the situation and how proud you are.

Our staff at Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre focuses on your child’s needs and well-being and will listen to your concerns about your child’s anxiety or fears.