How to Be Kind to Animals

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This Be Kind to Animals Week is a fantastic opportunity to teach our young ones how they can be kind to animals. This can be done in  various ways, but here we shall discuss activities you can enjoy with your child to enable you to show them how important kindness is; especially to our furry, fluffy, and scaly friends. 

Some activities you can take part in with your child are:

  • Read a Book about Being Kind to Animals: try to choose a variety of books from both Australia as well as internationally. It is also possible to purchase flash cards and alphabet books which feature Australia’s beautiful wildlife
  • Support your Local Animal Shelter: take a visit to the local RSPCA, Cat’s Home, or Dog’s home and visit the animals. talk to your children about the different types of animals, why they are special, and how we humans can help them
  • Learn about Animals’ Needs: talk about different animals, what they need to flourish, be happy, healthy, and how to care for them
  • Practice Caring for a Pet – even if it’s a pet rock! Give your little one a bit of responsibility by taking care of one r two age appropriate chores, such as filling a water bowl or feeding a pet fish… or taking the pet rock for a walk
  • Create a Wildlife Garden
  • Make Dog Treats – See below for a recipe

Frozen Yogurt Dog Pops, Frozen Dog Treats For Summer

There is something so refreshing about Frozen Pops, especially on those long hot Summer days. Don’t be tempted to let your dog have the human variety due to the sugar content.

If your dog is a little bit chunky, these Frozen Pops are ideal as they are made using non-fat yogurt (Calcium and Protein).

Prep Time12 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Course: Snack

Servings: 2 Dogs


  • 170 grams Plain, non-fat frozen yogurt
  • 1 Cup No-sugar added fruit juice
  • Cup Carrots, grated, minced or stick-blitzed


  • Add to a medium-sized bowl the yogurt, carrots and fruit juice, stirring the ingredients until are smooth and uniformly blended.
  • Portion the mixture into the ice cube trays by spoonful.


The blocks are best set in hard plastic or metal ice block trays are they are easier to remove that the silicon trays.

  • Make Cat Toys – Here’s a video with a few examples

At Angel’s Paradise we encourage kindness and consideration to all living things.