Holiday Adventures – Camping

Packing up the family and hitting the road may not seem like a typical tranquil holiday experience, but just think of those childhood memories; exploring nature, bike rides, meeting other families, making new friends, campfire dinners, telling stories around the fire, and fresh damper being cooked on sticks over an open fire.

Once you’ve found your ideal location, made the road trip to get there, set up and are ready for adventures, you’ll realise just how many activities there are for the family. Fishing is always fun with mum and dad, you can even get your toddlers involved by baiting their hooks and helping them throw out the line. Fishing also gives mum and dad a bit of quiet time, because as we all know… making loud noises scares the fish away! If you’re at a beach, have a walk around at low tide to check out the tidal rock pools to see all the sea life left behind by the sea.

Another idea is to go on bush walks with the family, they don’t need to be long, just long enough to explore your new surroundings with the family. You will witness different wildlife, birds, bugs, trees, lizards, and many other things that will open their eyes to their new surroundings. Choose a walking track with points of interest along the way, or leads to a waterhole, scenic view, or other highlight. Pack some food to take with you and have a picnic along the way, maybe take a book to read with the family whilst you relax before heading back to your campsite. Also take this opportunity to search for “treasures”; leaves, stones, shells, flowers, or feathers. Use these items to make a keepsake of your time away together.

In the evening, after dinner, head off on a moonlit walk armed with torches. Look for nocturnal animals such as possums, flying foxes, or frogs, maybe a bilby if you’re very lucky. Take time to look up at the stars and point out some constellations that you can see. There’s nothing like staring up at a star filled sky at night, no matter whether you’re a child or an adult.

If you want your memories recorded and have an older child, why not give them a digital camera to record your family adventure, you may just be surprised at the special memories that they are able to capture forever.

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Childcare Centres, we encourage family fun time, camping and adventures!