Image of Little children cooking the Christmas cake

How To Help Your Child Prepare For Christmas

While Christmas is primarily a Christian celebration, as it is a public holiday in Australia it is important to understand its significance. Christians believe it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who they believe is the Son of God and who came into the world to bring each of us GOOD NEWS – that each of us is loved by God. This message is for all people and is worth celebrating.

Sometimes the meaning of Christmas can get lost in the hustle-bustle of the end of the year, in the presents, the shopping, the preparations. Even in our rush, we can take time to teach our children about the joy of preparing for something important; the thoughtfulness of buying a gift for someone; the generosity of giving to help those we don’t even know; the importance of sharing a meal or time with family and friends. The challenge for us as adults is getting a balance between what has to be done and the ‘reason for the season’.

Some suggestions:

  • There is a lovely retelling of the Christmas story here:  The Christmas Story.
  • Alternatively, watch the You Tube video, below:  The Christmas Story
  • Read your child some books about the Christmas story:
  • Resources for some Christmas activities can be found here:
  • Take your children to see a crib on display and explain all the different characters to them.
  • Involve them in making Christmas fare like plum pudding or rum balls.
  • Take them with you to gift a hamper item to a charity or a toy for a child in need.
  • Attend a community carol’s night.


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