Healthy Eating: Do We Become What We Eat?

The media bombards us with being healthy these days and there are many different ideas about the best way to care for your family’s health. Sometimes this can get confusing and lead to us ignoring all the advice on offer.

Some general guidelines may help you as you sift through all the information available on this subject:

·         Eat fresh where possible. The ideal is to grow your own fruit and vegetables, but otherwise try to locate sellers near your with fresh food.  Don’t overlook frozen vegetables too.

·         Better to have a small amount of good quality meat if you include meat in your family’s diet, than large amounts of poorer quality.

·         Watch and lessen the amount of sugar in your diet.  Sugar is an ingredient in so many foods and usually you would get what you need from the recommended fruit intake a day.

·         Buy local when you can. It’s good for you, good for your community and may even be better for the environment.

·         Read labels and become informed about which ingredients may be better than others.

·         Make meal times as relaxed as possible where conversation is encouraged and a good eating pace.

Below, we have listed some websites which may be helpful in your quest for good health.





Many places now promote shakes and juices as healthy complements to your diet and so they can be. Many households now have their own juicers and many recipes are available. Angel’s Paradise recently included a link to a Strawberry Shake as an example. It is worth trying that recipe omitting the sugar listed as the strawberries themselves will sweeten the shake. You might like to try your own fruit and vegetable juices and shakes, especially combining those fruits and vegetables your children like.

At Angel’s Paradise, our kitchen staff is well versed in providing age appropriate nutritious meals for children.