Happy Valentine’s Day

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It may seem a peculiar “holiday” to share as far as children are concerned, but trust us on this… Valentine’s Day is just an extra special day to show those who we love how much we love them. Now we know that is what we do every day, however today let’s just show each other a little more love than usual. After all, the world needs more love in it, right?

So what can we teach young children about this day in the calendar rather than buying over-priced flowers and too much “sometimes foods”?  Why not make today a day to sit down with your little ones and make a Valentine’s Day card for a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle; the unsung super heroes of the family unit. Think about it for a short minute, all the love, affection, cuddles, protection, friendship and fun which aunties and uncles provide children often goes without any sort of real recognition. Also, we all love spoiling grandparents the same way that they love spoiling their grandchildren.

Today’s celebration doesn’t have to be a commercial celebration, it can be a day of telling people who are important to us exactly how we feel about them. If gifts are to be given, then give something handmade and from the heart. There are some links below with a few different suggestions for craft ideas. Another option might be to have a morning or afternoon tea with yummy, healthy foods which children can help prepare, such as fruit salads, or chocolate dipped strawberries, or even cocktail sandwiches cut into hearts with a cookie cutter.

One of the best feelings in life is to love and to be loved, so why not teach children from a young age how to express their feelings for someone they care for; be it a family member or a friend, there is nothing like the happiness which love brings to us all.


At Angel’s Paradise, we believe in fostering a kind and caring environment. 


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