How to Grow your Child’s Character

As a parent, possibly one thing you want is for your child to know how to behave confidently and well in many different situations. Fundamental to a fine character is understanding about caring for oneself and others. Bullying is a regular media topic and the coverage highlights that some children are disinterested or do not seem to be concerned about the feelings of other children. A child who can consider how their actions may impact on others and can communicate in a healthy interactive manner is on the way to developing character. These attributes can be taught, learned and improved. As with all aspects of parenting the challenge is to be and act the way we would like to see our children be and act.

Some life skills which are consider to build character include:

  1. Care for others – showing empathy and kindness.
  2. Compromise and negotiation – signs of positive self-worth in children.
  3. Taking ownership for one’s speech and actions. We can’t control another’s behaviour or words but we are responsible for our own reactions and choices.
  4. A love of and gratitude for life. Underlying this is the ability to be open and receptive and willingness to be connected.
  5. Resilience – being prepared to give things a try, even if they don’t always work out. Being prepared to try takes courage and focus.
  6. Honesty – in your actions and endeavours.

The good news is that these character-building qualities also are great for learning. Just as muscles grow stronger with regular exercise, so character traits are developed by positive encouragement and reinforcement.

At Angel’s Paradise, many opportunities are provided for children to practice and learn character-building skills.