Fun Things To Do At Home During Halloween

When you think of Halloween, it’s easy for your mind to jump to memories of trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, picking out the best costume and dressing up, carving up creative pumpkin ideas, and, of course, making and eating the yummiest Halloween treats!

But if you are after some more, maybe less traditional Halloween activities to keep the kids occupied while everyone is encouraged to stay at home, look no further than this list to get the whole family in the Halloween spirit this October.


  1. Create a Candy Wreath

Cover the base of a wreath with treats (or handmade decorations if you are after a sugarless option) that the kids have selected and get an adult stick them on with a glue gun. Finish it off with a colourful ribbon and stick it on a wall or door to admire and munch on throughout the month.

  1. Make Spooky Slime

This spooky slime will keep your kids entertained through the whole month of October. Just pull it out (or make a new batch!) whenever you need to keep them busy.

  1. Prepare a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Whether you play it outside or in, a scavenger hunt with funny clues is always a hit. 

  1. Paint Monster Rocks

Find some smooth stones from the yard and get your kids to transform them with into scary monsters using paint and some googly eyes!

  1. Make Halloween-Themed Sweets

There are many easy recipes available online from cookies to cupcakes that will put a spooky spin on your favourite treats!

  1. Put on a Stick Puppet Show

Get some craft sticks and paint them into different scary characters so you can put on your own puppet show.

  1. Make Printable Halloween Masks

Make a template for your kids to get creative with their own DIY Halloween masks. If you’re stuck for inspiration there are plenty of printable masks online for your kids to colour in and wear.

  1. Create Halloween Paper Lanterns

All you need is an A4 piece of paper folded vertically. Cut slits along the folded edge, leaving about a 2cm gap at the ends. Unfold the page then staple the corners together to make a cylinder. Stick on some eyes and a handle and you have your own spooky paper lantern.

  1. Plan a Halloween Movie Marathon 

Spend a night watching some of your favourite spooky movies. Some great examples are Haunted Mansion, The Witches and my personal favourite, Hocus Pocus.

  1. Play Pin the Spider on the Web

This game is super simple to make and play. It’s just like pin the tail on the donkey but spooky! Simply draw a spider web on a large piece of paper and stick it to the wall. Draw and cut out some spiders to pin on the web and see who can put the spider closest to the centre.


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