Children ice skating

Fun Activities to Escape the Summer Sun

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It’s the summer holidays and your kids are excited to get out of the house without a second thought, until they are crying red, sunburnt and uncomfortable. Christmas presents have been opened, torn apart and now you finally have time to spend with your loved ones, but what do you do when the sun is blaring down and you can’t spend another day watching your kids watch TV again?

Ice Skating is an exciting activity to get their hearts racing and their mouths laughing when you inevitably fall. Running around slicing through the ice or holding onto the wall, ice skating is an affordable activity they will love to return again with friends. There is nothing like skating on cold solid ice when it can be over 30° outside.

Swimming at your local pools is a great way to get your kids off the sofa and into some exercise that is a huge wave of fun to cool off. Most community centres have a range of pools suitable for different ages and abilities at a great price.

Taking your kids to the movies is a great idea to spend some time together without having to hear the same story about their footy team for the 84th time. Seeing that many cinemas are at a shopping centre, you can sneak a trip to the shops for back-to-school preparation.

When you’re sick of going out, you can still stay home and get involved with your children. Try this delicious recipe for yummy and healthy lettuce roll-ups and get your kids to help to teach them about healthy living. 

Nothing says fun like a Trampoline Park. A nice treat for the last week of holidays that will get their hearts racing and feet moving. A great affordable activity with many centres available, trampoline parks are a fun way to spend time with your family out of extreme sun.

Bonus Tip: Whether it is sunny with blue skies or cloudy and humid, your kids can get burnt in any weather. A quality water-resistant and high SPF sunscreen and hat are some of the best guards you can have against the harsh Australian sun.