A Colour Adventure!

The idea of this activity is to encourage your child to find objects of the same colour. Because there are infinite colours around us, you can do this activity more than once. But we suggest you begin with the primary colours; red, blue, and yellow. Depending on how many children are playing, you may need to double up on a colour or two. 

Of course there need not be a huge prize or anything like that, that’s up to you to decide beforehand, maybe a sticker or a stamp might be a fun idea, or maybe even a colouring book to put those colour skills to work

Lets assume we have two children playing, and we are finding RED and BLUE objects today. basically it goes like this:

  • the grown up collects as many RED and BLUE objects from around the home which are kid friendly, blogs, building bricks, plastic cups, textas, pencils, toys, etc… say 10 items maximum in this example
  • hide these objects around the house or yard (wherever you intend to play), hidden for little bodies and eyes, don’t get too carried away by placing things too high or in risky situations
  • Give your child a colour to find and a basket or container to collect the items in, matching their colour adds to the fun
  • Set a time limit for the hunt
  • Send them off on their little colour adventure
  • Whomever finds the most items wins the hunt!