Healthy Party Snacks

Hosting a kids party can be a big job and with restrictions being eased we can start thinking about having parties again! Thinking up menu ideas that will appease both children and their parents can be tricky. Here is a …

Fun Activities to do at Home

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“I’m BORED!” Those two dreaded words. Keeping your children occupied at home can be a difficult task. Finding inspiration to keep your children engaged while helping them learn important skills can be one of the most satisfying aspects of being …

Reading With Your Child

As a community group, throughout all cultures in the world, telling stories is pretty much embedded in our human DNA. Traditionally storytelling was a way for us to explain things that we did not really understand, hence the old tales …

The Spirit of Anzac Day

When explaining the importance of Anzac Day to our children, I have been told that the simplest explanation is this: “Anzac Day is important because it is a day to remember all of those people who never came back from

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