Can breastfed babies go to Child Care?

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The quick answer is ‘Of course!’ As a parent you have a right to be supported in breastfeeding your child. You can do it on the premises or supply expressed milk to the caregiver. It’s important to discuss this with your caregiver, outlining your feeding regimen and providing information to the caregiver if required. This information can be accessed from The Breastfeeding Association at

Your baby may need some time to transition from breastfeeding from you to using a bottle. The taste is different and the flow varies according to different teats. It can help if it is the same caregiver who feeds your baby each time. If bottles don’t work, it may be worth trying a sipper cup or even spoon.
You can supply your caregiver with fresh expressed milk, which lasts for about 3 days, or bags of frozen expressed milk. It’s important that the caregiver is clear about storage needs and warming methods.

You could prepare your baby for this important change by asking a family member or someone the baby knows, to offer expressed milk feeds occasionally to the baby so s/he becomes family with the two options for breastfeeding.

Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre supports mums who wish to continue breastfeeding their baby. We are happy to talk with you about your requirements and your baby’s needs.