Building a Strong Family – Family Rituals

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Family rituals are activities or behaviours involving most or all members of your family which happen periodically and have meaning for members. Rituals may be how you celebrate, the holidays you go on, the routines or traditions you follow. A ritual can be as simple as a story at bedtime but family rituals are designed to help members feel good about themselves and create a sense of belonging. Your capacity to come up with meaningful family rituals is as big as your creativity and sense of fun.

The following suggestions may help:

  • Develop rituals around religious festivals or cultural festivals which suit your family. Eg going to the Australia Day events in your community; picnic on Boxing Day.
  • Have rituals around bedtime, weekends, mealtimes or other times which are fun and relaxing. They might have no meaning for anyone else but are enjoyed by your family.
  • If your family has a common interest, take time out to pursue it together.
  • Periodically give your child the chance to choose something to do together that they might enjoy.
  • Look through family photos together and remember holidays or people you love.
  • Make mealtimes TV-free and phone free zones.
  • Occasionally have a family video night
  • Occasionally buy a special dessert to make an ordinary night special.
  • Don’t overlook sharing the spiritual. It could be as simple as learning to say thank you after a fun experience, or grace before a meal.
  • Play a game together.

¬†At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centres we focus on the individual but also cultivate routines. We celebrate significant events in children’s lives or in the community.