Best advice on handling your concerns about using Child Care for your baby?

The separation of a mum and her baby can be difficult for both parties. Worries about her baby’s health and well-being surface for the mother, as well as sometimes feelings of guilt about not looking after her baby herself.

Concerns centre around:

  • Safety: Is my baby being properly cared for? Are there other children there who might harm my baby? Is my baby receiving adequate supervision?
  • Health and well-being: Will my baby get more viruses or diseases by mixing with others?
  • Socialisation: Will my baby have regular carers they can learn to relate to? Or are staff rotated?
  • Comfort and attention: Will my baby be attended to if s/he is upset? Is every child expected to do the same things at the same time?

When making the decision about Child Care, it’s important to do your research and to ensure that the facility you choose best suits your and your baby’s needs.
Make sure it is accredited – What lines of communication exist between parents and staff? What accident and emergency procedures are in place? What condition is the facility in?
When you visit, look for the attitudes of the carers: Are they friendly? How are they relating to the children in their care? How are they supervised? Are the activities they are offered age appropriate?
Notice the behaviour of the children who are in care: Are they receiving individual attention? Are they happy and engaged in the provided activities?
Be prepared to respectfully voice your concerns: Do you feel you have been heard?

At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Centre, we have an OPEN DOOR policy and are proud of our commitment to care for the individual needs of each child/baby in our care.