Angel’s Paradise is an Adaptive Montessori preschool & daycare centre focusing on children's early learning.

Our childcare centre focuses on problem-solving, decision making and self-help while promoting interpersonal communications. These are key elements which contribute to the child's development, self-esteem and confidence.

Our educational programs are tailored to stimulate physical muscle development, as well as intellectual and social development. The children get to experience both active and quiet activities, both in groups and independently, indoors and out.

All classrooms embrace multiculturalism, as well as a delve into the fields of mathematics, the sciences, and the arts, including performance arts, music and visual arts.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment filled with developmental learning and exploration.  We want to teach the children to be leaders and confident learners.

Image of children being educated at Angel's Paradise Childcare Centre, Revesby NSW.

At Angel’s Paradise, we:

∞ Teach

∞ Encourage

∞ Instruct

∞ Mentor

∞ Praise

∞ Influence

∞ Guide

∞ Inspire

Angel's Paradise has been serving the community and educated hundreds of children in Hinchinbrook since 2005 and in Revesby since 2014.