50 Words and Phrases to Encourage or Praise Your Child

Here are 50 words and phrases that can help you foster a great connection with your child, encourage learning, behaviour, and let them know how you can see them trying so very hard.

  1. You’re on the right track
  2. You’ve worked really hard
  3. I heard you say how you feel, that’s great
  4. Oh wow, that turned out really well
  5. That’s coming along nicely
  6. I’ve proud of the way you worked today
  7. Congratulations
  8. That’s the best you’ve ever done
  9. That’s it!
  10. You solved the problem!
  11. What a superstar you are
  12. Now you’ve got it!
  13. Great idea!
  14. You’re amazing!
  15. What wonderful teamwork
  16. I bet you’re proud of yourself
  17. Sensational!
  18. You must have been practicing
  19. I like how you think
  20. Good remembering
  21. You know just what to do!
  22. I love hearing your ideas
  23. I know it was hard for you, but you stayed so calm
  24. You finished faster because you worked together
  25. You kept trying!
  26. You are a creative thinker
  27. Look at how you helped each other!
  28. One more time and you will have it
  29. Nothing can stop you now
  30. You have such creative ideas
  31. That’s the way to do it
  32. You handled that really well
  33. You expressed yourself so well
  34. You did it!!
  35. I knew you could figure this out together
  36. I know it’s hard, but you’re almost there
  37. Fantastic problem solving!
  38. Yes!
  39. Excellent job saying how you feel
  40. Excellent try
  41. You’ve just about got it
  42. You stayed so calm during that problem
  43. You’re really persisting with this
  44. You’ve just about got it
  45. Now you’ve figured it out!
  46. That’s quite an improvement
  47. I knew you could do it
  48. I love hearing your words
  49. Keep working on it, you’re almost there!
  50. Your brain must be working hard, you figure that out quickly!


At Angel’s Paradise Early Education Childcare Centres, we advocate for reinforcing positive learning mechanisms by ensuring children are told when they’re working well, and improving