Yummy & Healthy Lettuce Roll-Ups!

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Do you ever get a bit tired of bread-y sandwiches? This is a neat idea to try as an alternative to bread; AND it’s also coeliac friendly as lettuce is gluten free! I should note that, depending on what you …

Reading With Your Child

As a community group, throughout all cultures in the world, telling stories is pretty much embedded in our human DNA. Traditionally storytelling was a way for us to explain things that we did not really understand, hence the old tales …

The Spirit of Anzac Day

When explaining the importance of Anzac Day to our children, I have been told that the simplest explanation is this: “Anzac Day is important because it is a day to remember all of those people who never came back from

Harmony Day

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This week Australia celebrates Harmony Week, culminating with Harmony Day on Thursday 21st March. 

What is Harmony Week?

Harmony Week celebrates the multicultural beauty that is Australia. This week leads to the celebration of Harmony Day, which has been  …

World Book Day 2019

Thursday 07 March 2019 is World Book Day. This day celebrates authors, illustrators, books and reading and is observed in countries all over the world. It is the world’s BIGGEST campaign to make sure that every child in the world …

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